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a better way

In 2017, we were thinking very, very hard about laundry. It went like this: “Hey! Wouldn’t it be cool if you could wash clothes without water? Like, with a spray can or something? And then that spray can would be completely powered by air, making it carbon neutral and certifiably planet friendly. Man! That would be awesome! Someone should create that.” And then we thought: “Heck, why don’t we create it?!” So that’s exactly what we did.

the fashion facts

The right outfit can make you feel on top of the world, but unfortunately fast fashion is one of the worst things for our world. 80 billion pieces of clothing are consumed every year, and almost 3000 litres of water are needed to produce just one tee-shirt (that’s enough water to keep the average person hydrated for 3 years!). The average shirt can be washed 35-50 times before it retires. At Day2 we want your clothes to live as happy and full a life as possible, and preventing over washing is one of the easiest ways of achieving this.

Water Footprint

By prolonging the time between washes, each bottle of Day2 saves a whopping 60L water Fun fact: washing clothes half as much doubles their life span.


At Day2 HQ we believe everything deserves a Day2, from your favourite shirt, to coffee cups, and even our own bottles. The Day2 philosophy is and always has been founded in finding better ways to get the most out of anything and everything by thinking smarter, simpler and more sustainably. That’s what inspired our collection scheme for Day2 bottles, so that we can give them a new life and a Day2 of their own. You can download a postage label here! and return your empty Day2 bottle free of charge, so that it can start a whole new adventure. Alas, all good things must come to an end…. Unless you re-order here now.

don't just take our word for it

story #1

story #1

Georgia, Fashion Stylist

"When I'm back-to-back with clients, I give shirts and dresses a quick spritz with Day2 to smooth out any creases and make sure everything smells just-washed. And I'll spray my own outfit too, if I'm going straight to dinner from work.

Georgia B Russell is a respected figure in the fashion world, as well as a passionate lecturer. Her years as a stylist have seen her work with big brands AllSaints, Adidas, Dove and ELLE magazine, and her celebrity clients include icons like Daisy Lowe and Jodie Kidd. There's no denying she's a key player in the world of style.

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story #2

story #2

Penny, Designer & Mum

"When I get home from work I would rather spend time with my young daughter than do any hand washing or ironing. I'll often give my shirt a quick spray then hang it up to wear again the next day, smelling and looking fresh."

Penny is founder of her own homeware brand. Buying new trainers is her thing and she lives in Monki dresses. Her mornings are spent cutting up (and picking up) toast for two-year-old daughter Annie and evenings are for tackling emails with a glass of wine.

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story #3

story #3

A.D, Fitness Instructor

"I was recently telling some coworkers that I needed to wash my favourite kit bag but didn't want to ruin it in the washing machine, then I heard about Day2. Now I always have a bottle in my locker, for refreshing my top or hoody after a class."

A.D is high-energy and hard working. As well as teaching sweaty spin classes at Psycle in London, he's also a professional dancer, producer and singer/song writer. Full of positive vibes and feel-good tunes, he's spreading a healthy lifestyle message one class at a time.

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