REthinking the norm

What gets us out of bed in the morning


our mission

We believe in a Day2 - a better way. A challenge to always rethink the status quo.


our actions

We reimagine everyday products to make them smarter, simpler, and more sustainable.


our values

Curiosity, clarity, collaboration. We’re all about asking questions, being honest and transparent, and working with awesome people (like you!) to go further.


our focus right now

A smarter laundry solution that gives clothes a second life, and looks out for the planet whilst doing it.

40% of the clothes we wash aren't actually dirty.

We’re all guilty of it: wearing clothes once and instinctively sending them to the washing basket, despite the fact that it’s not even dirty yet. An easy habit to fall into, and one we want to break.

Because over-washing wastes time, ruins clothes, and hurts the planet. In short, it’s not great. There had to be a smarter solution, so we made one...

Step forward the world's first dry wash spray. Day2 instantly gets your clothes smooth, soft and fresh. No more unnecessary washing machine loads. Which means less washing, and more wearing. So that's it... simple right?

explore the range

Day2 Dry Wash Spray - Original (200ml)

Day2 Dry Wash Spray original

RRP £7.50
Day2 Dry Wash Spray - Denim (200ml)

Day2 Dry Wash Spray denim

RRP £7.50
Day2 Dry Wash Spray - Delicates (200ml)

Day2 Dry Wash Spray delicates

RRP £7.50
Day2 Dry Wash Spray - Original Travel Mini (75ml)

Day2 Dry Wash Spray original

RRP £4.00

in the press

Gadgette - "It’s basically dry shampoo for your clothes... it also does some kind of wizardry that makes your clothes less wrinkly."

Mirror - "The results were actually, jaw-droppingly good and took a smidgeon of the time ironing would."

ITV This Morning - "It's Just Genius"