• Buying Day2

    • 1. Where can I buy Day2?

      You can buy Day2 directly from us, but we are also stocked on Amazon, Ocado, Wilko, and in select Waitrose stores.

    • 2. Where’s my order?

      Once your order has shipped, we’ll send you a confirmation email which will have a Royal Mail tracking number. If you have trouble or haven't received your box on time, you can contact our fab delivery team at customerservices@intervino.co.uk.

    • 3. When can I expect my order?

      Shipping takes approximately 3-5 business days. We'll notify you once your order is dispatched, and you can track it using the Royal Mail tracking number we provide.

    • 4. What is the refund policy?

      If for any reason you would like a refund, please contact us. We want to hear your feedback.

    • 5. How do I return my empty bottles?

      Inside your Day2 order, you should have a returns label. Simply peel that off, and stick over the address on your original delivery. You can then drop this off at any post office and it will make its way back to us to have a second life.

  • Garments and Fabrics

    • 1. What kind of clothes can it be used on?

      Our Original Dry Wash Spray is formulated for the majority of fabric types, e.g. polyesters, cottons, and smart trousers. Our Denim Spray is formulated for Denim (surprise!). And our Delicates Spray is designed for use across those more sensitive fabrics you wouldn't ordinarily wash, i.e. knits, woollens, etc. As of yet, none of our variants are suitable for use on silk, suede, lyocell, viscose, rayon and modal - but watch this space!

    • 2. Will it damage my clothes?

      We’ve spent a lot of time on the formulations, so if you match the right spray with the right type of garment, we believe it should not damage your clothes. But always test a small hidden patch if you’re unsure.

    • 3. Will it affect the colour of my clothes?

      Nope! Actually, if you wash your clothes less, it will help your clothes look newer for longer. But we always recommend testing a hidden part of the garment first to be 100% sure.

  • How does it work?

    • 1. How do I use it?

      1) Lay your garment down flat on a soft surface or bedding.

      2) Spray a light, even coverage of Day2 across the surface of the garment.

      3) Smooth out the creases and re-shape, repeating the spray process on the back if needed.

      4) Leave to hang, and watch the magic happen*. *Don’t actually watch it - that’d be super boring. But after 15 minutes it should be fully dry, crease free, soft, and smelling fresh.

    • 2. How much do you use per garment?

      A light, even coverage over the whole garment, following the directions on the pack, should be enough. 6-7 seconds spraying will do the trick.

    • 3. How many times can I use it before using the washing machine?

      We recommend using Day2 once before washing the garment in a washing machine, but if you feel it can last another wear then we’re all for it!

    • 4. Will it remove stains?

      Unfortunately not. Stains play a big part in getting more wear out of your clothes, but reviving the smell, look and feel are just as important and where we focused.

    • 5. What does it smell like?

      Fresh and delicious! In our opinion, of course. It’s a gender-neutral smell that is designed to not overpower the scent of your own fragrance, but give you the confidence of feeling just washed.

    • 6. How long does it last?

      24 hours, or up until you get it creased and dirty again.

      One full-sized bottle will last approximately 25 garments.

    • 7. Is it antibacterial?

      Unfortunately not. But right now it can lift deep odours, de-wrinkle, and reset the shape of your garment!

  • Safety

    • 1. Is it safe for children?

      If your child does the washing, then that’s very impressive, but the product should be kept out of reach of children and only used by adults. It is safe to use on your children’s clothes though.

    • 2. Is it safe to use for people with sensitive skin?

      Day2 has been dermatologically tested. However, if use causes irritation, please discontinue using and consult medical attention. 

    • 3. What if the spray gets into my eyes?

      We know that our aim can sometimes be lacking and if you unfortunate enough to spray this product in your eyes, please take the following steps:

      1. Rinse thoroughly with water

      2. If irritation or discomfort persists, please see a specialist.

    • 4. What should I do if I get Day2 on the floor?

      Day2 is for clothes, not floors! If some product missed your threads and landed on the floor, you may experience some slippery patches.

      The good news is that you just need to give it a quick mop over with floor cleaner.

      On the back of our bottle we recommend spraying Day2 over a soft surface such as bedding. 

    • 5. Customer Careline Contact

      Our customer careline contact number is: 0800 028 0173. We would love to hear from you, if you have any queries. :)