Day1 at Day2

Day1 at Day2

Hey fellow pioneer,

If you’re reading this, you’re a curious person. We like that here at Day2. You want to find out a bit more about us. And that’s cool. Curiosity is at the heart of everything we do.

We started Day2 with a single mission - build things that are smarter, simpler, and more sustainable than what exists now. There are so many everyday products that have not been interrogated or rethought in decades. Surely there had to be a better way (a Day2, perhaps).

Take the humble washing machine (considered by some the most important invention of the 20th century). We’ve become indebted to it.

But finding out 40% of the clothes we wash aren’t actually dirty. Really!? Surely not! But as we dug further into it, we discovered a whole lot of truth. All these clothes worn for only passing moments - or that shouldn’t be washed at all - being needlessly pulverised with huge amounts of water. That’s huge amounts of time, water, and energy wasted.

We spoke to lots of people about it. Over half had what we affectionately termed a ‘chair-drobe’ - that halfway house for your clothes that sits in many a bedroom. Many more had some fantastic methods of clothes preservation to avoid washing. Our favourites, in no particular order:
- Using hair straighteners to iron out creases (equally for men and women).
- Spraying Deodorant (Lynx Africa was a popular choice)
- Putting jeans in the freezer (mmm...frosty).
- Hanging clothes in the shower to dewrinkle them (mmm...steamy).

So how do you revive those not-quite-dirty clothes? And so Day2 Dry Wash Sprays were born. Something we felt was smarter, simpler, and more sustainable than over-washing.


And we’re not stopping here. Every day we are looking at new challenges, and putting question marks on the ends of sentences that have never been challenged. For us, Day2 is a challenge - a challenge to improve on Day1, and create a Day2 for the planet.


The Team at Day2 HQ

We exist for people like you - progressives, pioneers, idealists. People who believe an idea is the start of all change, and are crazy enough to try and make it a reality.

If we’re lucky enough to have you join us on that journey, then there’s three things you can always rely on us to do:
- We will always be curious. We’ll ask why, a lot - more than an annoyingly precocious child. And we will keep pushing ourselves to be better than the day before.
- We will always be transparent. We will present the facts to you, plainly and clearly. We will own up to our shortcomings, and show you how we’re trying to overcome them. 
- We will always be collaborative. The world is bigger than us. There are other great companies doing great things. We will always look to amplify our efforts and be bigger than ourselves.

Those are our promises to you.

One more thing, in the spirit of Promise #2. It’s no secret that we’re part of a bigger company (Unilever). We’re lucky to have the support of a backer who believes in our crazy mission - a smarter, simpler, and sustainable world. They’ve left us to make our own decisions, carve our own path, and try and make it a reality. We don’t do it all with them, but we couldn’t do it without them.

Thanks for taking the time to read this far. In an age of overflowing information, we don’t take for granted the time taken to read a blog post from a company you’ve just heard about!

Welcome to Day2. We’re just getting started.

Co-Founder, Day2